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A complete SUCCESS!!

You could lose over a stone in 4 weeks

The "HypNoJAB" for easy weight loss

The “HypNoJAB” has been designed as an alternative to the so- called Skinny jab or Slim jab, which are weight loss clinics using daily injections to help lose excessive weight in people who find it difficult to maintain their correct weight.
We first became aware of injections to lose weight when reading some articles of trials being carried by researchers from Imperial College London, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, and the University of Copenhagen. The study was funded by the UK’s Medical Research Council.
We looked around and found that there were companies  around the UK promoting injection weight loss, selling the injections for great amounts of money.
Clients who are using the “HypNoJAB” are reporting easier, faster, safer and improved motivation for their weight loss times, making it a unique  program.

The "HypNoJAB" trials were a complete SUCCESS!!

The “HypNoJAB” is an injection weight loss program without the physical injection/ jab, using hypnosis, so the subconscious believes it is having the real procedure and producing the same weight loss  results. We are having great success with the “Virtual Gastric Band”  testimonials.
The “HypnNoJAB” has been trialed with a number of volunteers, most achieving the same weight loss as the NHS Imperial College trials or well over.

How the "HypNoJAB" works

We at “HypNoJAB” mimic the process used by those weight loss companies that use a daily or weekly injection medication for weight loss using hypnosis.
This is achieved with Face to Face or  video-chat sessions; your subconscious is introduced to all the benefits of the physical jab allowing your body to convert stored fat into the energy you need to get back into shape.
We record your session of the “hypno-JAB” and encourage you to play it before you go to sleep; this strengthens your mindset and acts like an appetite suppressant for the following day. At the end of the week we change your recording according to how well you did the week before.
Some people will lose weight quicker than others due to their metabolic make-up and of course their diet, so the same amount of weight loss cannot be guaranteed for everybody. If you follow the “HypNoJAB”  seriously you could lose 1-2 stones in around 4-6 weeks.
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The "HypNoJAB" Versus Injection prescription weight loss

  • Those companies practising weight loss through  injection prescription have restrictions on who is eligible for their treatments. We at “HypNoJAB” being injection free, don’t have the same issues.
  • We invite those people who are already having treatment with the physical JAB companies to have a free week’s trial with all our services, and lose serious weight with us.
  • “Hypno-JAB” mind-set makes it easier for you to follow a calorie-controlled & healthy diet, banishing cravings and helping you build good habits for life!
  • There is no contamination through injection needles, or cause for concern of internal problems with “HypNoJAB.” No side effects like nausea, diarrhoea, dyspepsia, which you could get  with an injection prescription for weight loss.
  • Help in maintaining your weight loss when you reach your desired dress size.

volunteer trial success testimonials

Natasha has lost a lot of inches; listen to what she says on video chat below.
weight loss andrew Nelson weight loss Programs
Angela started with Andrew Nelson weight loss programs to lose weight with the “Hypnotic gastric band”. She did very well and lost a significant amount of weight. She stuck to the plan we had set out together and played the hypno recordings every night before bed. She decided that she wanted to stop vaping and that was stopped with Hypnotherapy. Angela started craving food after she stopped vaping so it was agreed that we would start a trial of the “HypNoJAB” which as you can see has worked – clearing up the cravings.

Angela is now a dress size 12

Gaynor has lost 10 lbs in 1 month with the "HypNoJAB"

Sylvia before and after "HypNoJAB"

Deborah has lost 17 lbs already

We are working with Lyn in Australia with "video chat" She started half way through the trial

Margaret has lost over 10lbs with "HypNoJAB"

Margaret started the “HypNoJAB” trial in early November. She followed the easy “Hypno-JAB” plan, which included diet, exercise, motivational techniques and lost 10lbs in weight easily and safely in under a month.

7 out of 10 volunteers were successful on the trial. The "Hypno-JAB" trial also indicated who would benefit from it and who would not .

We thank you for taking part in the "HypNoJAB" Trial

The “Hypno-JAB is designed to help people who are finding it difficult to maintain their correct weight. We focused on appetite suppressant, a healthy diet system, exercise and a positive mind set, to make the “Hypno-JAB” achievable to lose weight safely.
We were aware that there were a number of clinics practising injection prescription weight loss, and decided to create our own program focusing on the safety of hypnotherapy. It would benefit those who are nervous with needle injection. There is no contamination through injection needles, or cause for concern of internal problems with “Hypno-JAB.” There are no side effects like nausea, diarrhoea or dyspepsia which you could get with an injection prescription for weight loss. Lastly, this has been a massive motivation for mindset, bringing success for those who needed this option.

The "HypNoJAB" trial is a complete success!

We needed to know who it would work for and who it would not. This is an important point as we would not want to incur customer remorse if the outcome was not the one the client expected.

Who does the "HypNoJAB" benefit?

  • Those who needed to lose a little weight (1/2 – 1 stone) quickly and safely
  • Those that needed to lose more, quickly and safely
  • Those that were honest with themselves
  • As mentioned above those who are not sure of injection prescription
  • Those that are able and resilient in following an agreed weight loss plan, for example, sharing with staff every 7 days weight loss results, adjusting their lifestyle, exploring for themselves new and healthy eating plans, getting help from staff with any contributory factors that put weight on, setting up an exercise plan.
  • In all these areas you will get quality Hypnotherapy!!!


£275 per month

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