Gastric Band Hypnotherapy


Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

has been very successful over the years; helping people from all walks of life achieve their dream of health and well being. It is designed to mimmic the whole gastric band procedure suggesting to the sub-conscious mind it is having physical surgery through hypnosis.
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Andrew Nelson Weight Loss Programs

We treat the cause as well as the  symptom, and know a great deal of why some people sabotage their weight loss efforts. This is why we are so successful with our weight loss programs. Every one is different one size does not fit all; we make bespoke hypnotherapy weight loss programs for each individual client.

For complete success with your weight loss effort

 Gastric band hypnotherapy in Preston, you’ll need  and we help you with a positive mind set. That means emotional control, a plan B for the unexpected, coupled with mental strength. Use your stress in a positive manner. Planning and preparation are great tools, giving you the right attitude to move forward.
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Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Healthy eating plan.

Means following a similar diet that you would be given by the NHS; This would include a pre bariatric surgery diet, and a eating plan for after your surgery. These are only guides if you want to follow something similar you are welcome too.
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Exercise after gastric band hypnotherapy

is so important, you will have to firm up, as so much weight ca be lost see our testimonials. when you have reached your target weight make sure there is no excess skin needing to be dealt with.

Hypno-Walk off Weight

My Hypno Walk off Weight Method
The only way to keep fit and trim, is to eat sensibly and to exercise. With my Hypno Walk Off Weight program, you listen and lose. With the power of my hypnotic suggestions as you walk off weight, you lose the weight, lose the inch’s, lose the dress sizes. Burn more fat off your stomach, legs and bottom. The Hypno walk off weight method is personal to you and is part of your weight loss plan. Limited time offer £35 instead of £50.

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