What Makes Me Sabotage My Weight Loss Hopes?

What Makes Me Sabotage My Weight Loss Hopes?☹️

Part 1

New year is approaching and quite a few people are starting to think of  shedding a few pounds for their next holiday, that is after Christmas!!!!! they say to themselves. I will make it my New Years resolution, they think to themselves or even tell friends.

Initially there motivation is good and they start well for the first few days of the New year, then they seem to sabotage their weight loss plans.


A client told me, she has had an excess weight problem all her life.  She is now 32 years old, 5 feet 8 inch’s tall and 16 stones in weight. She has been to Slimming World, Weight Watchers tried most diets and eating plans imaginable, have lost a couple stone only to put it back on again. I feel really down about my situation. After all, you only have to eat sensibly and exercise to lose weight and maintain it. Why can’t I? She said.

I have planned and prepared my eating plans and diets, booked into gyms and employed a personal trainer and always seem to sabotage my plans. …..Why!!!

Can it be

  • Setting goals, I just can’t meet
  • Cheating on my diet
  • Missing gym and exercise time
  • Getting bored
  • Getting anxious
  • Being lonely
  • Being stressed
  • Feeling unloved
  • Eating for fun
  • Just not preparing or planning my weight loss journey in a positive way?
  • Or not adjusting your life style, before start your weight loss journey.

No, it’s non of these, but they sure need to be looked at, on the way to your health and well being. I said.

What you think, is how you feel, how you feel is how you behave. Think about what you want and you’ll get it, think about what you, don’t want, and you’ll get that too.

Your Weight loss Sabotage begins in your Subconscious Mind

To understand how your subconscious effects your behavior I need to tell you a little of how your brain works. For more info click here

Now you know your subconscious mind is programed to Sabotage your weight loss program

Change your mind set

When starting a new course of behavior, a Change in your life, to be successful, and ensure a positive outcome, you have to start with a Great expectations and belief of success. This means your mindset must be fully focused and all your senses fully charged and pulling in the same direction in your Sub-conscious mind.

If you start a new process with Poor expectations and no excitement for a positive outcome, a low mindset and just hope, you risk the chance of total failure, you’ll sabotage again.

Did you ever start your weight loss journey fully charged mentally, and with the mind set of a winner?

You have to have  a weight loss Winner Mindset

Do you want to know what it’s like to be a weight loss winner?

You have to think like a Champion that way there’s no room for sabotage.

A champion thinks of what He/She wants every minute of the day, always thinking of the end goal. They know they are going to get there, they can see their goal in Disney color, HD ready,that’s High Definition, they can hear it,Nicam sound, they can feel it in their body and mind. They know that failure is not an option.

They have a plan B, and a plan C, and a plan D, and plan for every letter of the alphabet, just in case something is not going as it should.

I liken it to some one making plans for their wedding, they have to go about their daily duties and responsibilities and  still have time to make sure that their big day goes the best that it could like a military operation. Always thinking and adjusting till every thing is perfect. That’s how a champion thinks. No room for sabotage.

You can be a weight loss winner in  Part 2

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