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“Video Chat” Face Time, facebook messenger and video chat,  for Weight Loss

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Come to the people who care

Face Time or Facebook messenger weight loss, Andrew Nelson Weight Loss Programs is a service for people and clients outside my area, which is Preston Lancashire, or find it difficult getting around.

hypnotic gastric band hypnotherapy, Janise before and after
 hypnotherapy, Janise before and after

My “Video Chat” using Facebook messenger and Face Time for Weight loss sessions has made it possible to treat people to good effect, in many different places and countries, and their own homes, suffering from conditions and issues, such as stress, anxiety, phobias, smoking cessation, Weight management, gastric band hypnotherapy, insomnia and many more issues. Over the years, I’ve been able to help people safely and quickly, using Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and CBH.

read Janise loses 6 and a 1/2 stones with hypnotherapy, in the Daily Mail,  also teacher loses 8 stones, after gastric band hypnotherapy click

Kim, before gastric band hypnotherapy
Kim, before gastric band hypnotherapy
Kim, after Gasric band Hypnotherapy
Kim, after Gasric band Hypnotherapy

I can help you without you even leaving your home to lose weight, inch’s, and dress size’s

Weight loss including Gastric band hypnotherapy at a distance.

Advantages of  or Face Time and facebook weight loss.

Regardless of your location, you can be sure of Quick, safe help with your weight  control issue, to good effect, in your own home. 

Jen and Alice before weight loss, see their Video 

Andrew Nelson's weight loss programs
Andrew Nelson’s weight loss programs
Andrew Nelson's weight loss programs
Andrew Nelson Weight Loss programs


Weight loss on line, One To One 

For a free consultation, call Andrew 07710 154 513

or email

“Video Chat”

Weight loss hypnotherapy on line
Andrew Nelson Weight loss hypnotherapy on line

No troubling travel times.

I’m an English speaking therapist helping expats all over the world lose weight safely and quickly

Working, and being treated by a qualified weight control

"HypnoTalk video chat"video chat
” video chat”video chat

therapist and Coach.

Your confidentiality in sessions is maintained, as  is encrypted in transmission, keeping your issues private.

Many people ask me how successful I am with my gastric band


clients, perhaps the best way to explain this Is to let you see some of my client Weight loss testimonial videos.

Where you are is not a problem, with Skype and Face Time, I will come to you, when you have your iPhone, Android mobile, IPad, or your Mac, or computer, delivering Quality hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT, giving you freedom from the past.With your Internet connection to a Computer, android, tablets, iPads and smartphones, this is all you need for your sessions for Weight loss or any other issue.

“Video Chat”  Apple Face Time, Facebook messenger, weight loss online.

How to Down load facebook messenger   

With every session you will receive a personalised MP3 recording of your session that you can listen to whenever you like, to lose the weight, to lose inches, to lose address sizes, to be the best you can be. Once you’ve decided you would like Facebook messenger or Face Time Weight loss, therapy from me, please complete the client confidential contact email form here  with your particular concerns in the message part.

I will  reply to your Weight loss, email contact form, within 48 hours.

I will make you an appointment for a free 45 minute consultation on the things you need to know about weight loss therapy, and of course lasting weight loss, to discuss your particular concerns and also make sure hypnotherapy is appropriate  for you. This free Consultation Weight control offer, will involve discussing your personal issues and how to change things for the better and for good. From here appointments will be made and a Price will be discussed and how to pay. Fees are £270 for 12 sessions and £135 for three sessions.

 Face Time / Facebook messenger weight loss therapy

Contact me by telephone, we will then speak about your particular Weight loss, or diet, issues and how I can help. You can call me for more info on 07710154513, or email me at click here

Preparations for Weight control sessions and consultations

  • make your call at the agreed time
  • Make sure you are in a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed, for your Weight control Solutions and consultations.
  • Before a session avoid alcohol.

   “Video Chat”


Weight loss hypnotherapy on line
Weight loss hypnotherapy on line