Gastric Band Hypnosis, how it works

hypnotic gastric band hypnotherapy, Janise before and after
hypnotic gastric band hypnotherapy, Janise before and after

Some of Andrew’s successful clients

Gastric band hypnotherapy, There are no faddy diets or restrictive eating plans. We use NHS gastric band eating plans, for gastric band hypnotherapy, we treat the cause as well as symptom to get to the problem.

Those emotional reasons for overeating

Habits,Stress,Emotional eating, Binge, eating, Depression, Loneliness, Anxiety, Fear, Boredom, Anger, Sugar, addiction,Chocolate addiction

Andrew Nelson weight loss programs Packages.


Positive suggestions, are given to the client, while in hypnosis, which can change negative issues and replace them with positive thinking. This works well even if the client has been in negative states for along time. Listen to Janice

For people who only want to lose a small amount of weight, less than a stone and half, with little or no emotional issues, listen to Julie, I recommend three sessions of hypnotherapy Weight loss, all Tailored to the client. face time, can be used successfully for people outside my area or find it difficult to travel.( I am in Preston, Lancs)

People who need to lose significantly more weight, and want to have freedom from the past from their negative issues. (see a range of negative issues that can be dealt with at head-strong-solutions) at no extra cost. A detailed plan is formed between the client and myself. The hypnotherapy sessions are spread every two or three weeks, to suit the client. Listen to  Elaine  face time, can be used successfully for people outside my area or find it difficult to travel.

Gastric band hypnotherapy, is known under different names, some practitioners, have given names, such as, hypo-band, Weight loss gastric band, hypno gastric band, GM band, mind band, hypnotic gastric band, virtual gastric band, hypno-mind band therapy, Weight loss gastric band. It would be sensible to see any these gastric band reviews, or video testimonials from these practitioners. ( see my gastric band video testimonials)

How does gastric band hypnotherapy work? A free consultation is arranged with you, to see if you are suitable for gastric band hypnotherapy, to discuss your eating issues and background, just like with real surgery. Questions are asked about your eating patterns, have you any emotional issues, and you’re introduced to hypnosis. When you and I are comfortable to proceed with gastric band hypnotherapy, a plan is formulated for your first session.

Gastric band hypnotherapy, with suggestions in hypnosis and NLP, your subconscious mind can believe that you are having surgery, you will feel like you’re going through the procedure when you accept what the therapist is saying to you.Because there is no invasive surgery there is no chance of complications of surgery, leaving you to go about your daily chores, after your hypnotic procedure.

Gastric band hypnotherapy, is maybe a last resort, for people who have been struggling with their weight.  After the hypnotherapy procedure, whilst eating, many people experience the feeling of fullness in their stomachs, because their subconscious, believes the suggestion by the hypnotherapist, in hypnosis, they have had the real procedure, of gastric band surgery, fitted around their stomach’s.

Watch the video of Gail’s experiences, she lost 11 1/2 stone, with gastric band hypnotherapy

The virtual gastric band, or Hypno band, is safe to use, and there is no invasive surgery required or medication.

Gail was 26 1/2 stone, and with the help of  Andrew Nelson’s weight loss programs, she has lost 11 and a 1/2 stone, to see and hear Gail’s experience.

Gastric band hypnotherapy

Gastric band hypnotherapy
Gastric band hypnotherapy, Gail after losing 11 1/2 stone we gastric band hypnotherapy

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For people out of the area that I serve, or are unable to travel, I am available

Andrew Nelson as well as programmes

gastric band hypnotherapy, Andrew Nelson’s weight loss programs

using  FaceTime, facebook messenger, video chat.

Fees £270 for 12 sessions and £135 for three sessions.

call me on 07710 154 513 or email me

Weight loss hypnotherapy on line
Weight loss hypnotherapy on line for a free 45 minute consultation. Every hypnotherapy, NLP, session is recorded for the client, which we find very very helpful.

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